Clients include prestigious local, regional and international organizations as well as private sector actors

Multi-sector expertise

ECE provides focused management consulting services to its Clients across all major industries:



 Real Estate & Construction

Residential, commercial, malls, mixed-use centers, construction and contracting sector analysis.


 Food & Beverage & Catering

Fast food franchising, catering services, restaurant management, market prospection and analysis.


 Financial Services & Banking

Bank regional expansion plan, private bank feasibility, financial intermediation sector analysis, micro-credit institution, life insurance and pension plans.


 Travel, Tourism and Hotels

Hotels, resorts, furnished apartments, travel and tourism agencies.



Agro-food sector, industrial equipment, building materials, textiles, furniture, special steel, leather goods, fashion-wear, accessories & design, printing.


 Energy & Environment

Fuel & gas sector analysis, solar and photovoltaic systems, medical waste strategy, solid waste strategy, national water tariff system.


 Consumer Goods & Retailing

FMCG, fashion wear chains, brand development, jewelry sector, silverware, shoes and accessories.



Technical support for telecom sector, corporate planning, marketing, HR , organization ,and IT planning services, Mergers and acquisitions.


 Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Health resort feasibility study, hospital sector analysis, medical supplies, dental implants, pharmaceuticals sector analysis.




ECE Consultant's is mainly a company with ...


  Extensive experience

Experience in structuring a variety of financial products and ventures with in-depth knowledge in creating value and placing ventures with adequate investors.


  Independence and flexibility

On equal grounds from all investment banks in the region, giving the group a capacity of intervention and pro-activity with all types of clientele and collaborators without being considered captive for any group


  Network of partners

Accessing the GCC and Levant, mobilizing resources, identifying interested clientele and spotting opportunities matching Clients’ specific needs.